Use Musicbox on a WiFi on a hotel

I like to use my Musicbox on a hotel where I dont have ethernet cable connection.
I got the WiFi network name and password so I can start my laptop but I havent setup the WiFi on my Musicbox.
I didnt know the network name and password when I was att home where I have cable connection.

How to do this???
I dont know anything about Linux or any other Unix.
I have 2 bad eyes so its hard for me to read a lot in manual.

Just got your question as mail - strange :rofl: I’m not too shure but the musicbox should be an regular hassbian image - This should work then.

Create a file called wpa_supplicant.conf on the root of your boot sd card

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


Hi there .First you must find the ip musicbox with your phone (network ip finder).then you can connect with the ip and the phone with an app called termius /on ssh with name and password -username root,password musicbox.oance entered in go boot /here you have a file called config.edit the file with nano(text manager),search thru the lines where was the old router name and password and put the new one .


I use a Google dongle at home when i connect a smartphone to a 32 inch display but not when I travel.

I dont understand to much of what you write, what is commands and what is ordinary text?

My laptop is going to be connected to a TV (HDMI) on the Hotelroom and the laptop will be on the WiFi then.

If I start the Pi without network Cable connected it doesnt seem to be able to communicate att all.

I have tested if I could see the Pi (open WiFi network) from my laptop but I cant see anything att all.

I have seen something called ssh in network settings and you wrote something about it in your text.

Shall SSH be On?

If I knew the Wifi name and password right now I could have supplyed it in Network settings at home where I have Cable.

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i ve made a shot video how to

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Remove the SD card from the Pi
Plug it into your laptop and open it in explorer
Find the folder ‘config’ and inside that find the file ‘settings.ini’
Open it in notepad or similar
In settings.ini find the lines;

WIFI_NETWORK = ‘mywifinetwork’
WIFI_PASSWORD = ‘mypassword’

Substitute the above with the hotel wifi network and password, make sure and remove the ’ ’

Eject the card and try it in the pi again

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Thanks for a strate and understandable answer.

I will try it next trip, this time I found out what I wanted from the hotel Iam going to visit.