Codec or something needed

Does anyone know what I need to listen to

If you are using Musicbox go to Streams and enter in the empty box under ‘Get Currently Playing’ then click play. It’s working here.
It is there on Tunein but for some reason does not play.

Edit; Just checked with the live feed from and it’s slightly different, now I’m not sure if it’s the right channel or just lagging behind a bit, will check later.

Thanks for the response. This is my first foray into music streaming so
I’m really not sure of what I’m doing. I have a community pool in a
really horrible reception area this will enable us to finally get something
most of our patrons will enjoy, if it works.


@Steve I still do not have has your research turned anything?

Load that page and click “External Player” and put that the address of that link in the Pi Musicbox streams page. That link is currently as @Steve_Lambert states. If that’s not the correct stream then that’s a problem WBNJ need to fix.

Being new at this I did not understand Steves instructions.
You have cleared it up for me
Thank you it is working great.