CBC music genre streams, complex URI?

Hello! Newbie alert. I’ve got my Pi music box up and running. FANTASTIC!
Streaming CBC radio 1 and 2 works great, finding those uris (and many more) wasn’t hard.
But I would like to stream http://www.cbcmusic.ca/music-streams and can’t figure out a uri :frowning:

When I AirPlay a genre stream on an iPad using Chrome and look at the iOS control panel music control I see a very complex uri scrolls by (ie contains hmacs etc). Maybe to support advertising or copyright control?

Does anyone know how I can get these feeds?
Would wire shark or similar tools help?

Have you tried searching on mopidy-tunein for that station?

I have tried searching. Only “regular” streams are found, CBC radio 1, radio 2 and a couple of other CBC streams with simple uris. No CBC music genre streams with the complex’s uri show up.

Is it because they are only playable in Canada - which I guess you can’t see because you are there?

The CBC genres thing looks to be some kind of horrible Flash monster. Wireshark/Chrome dev tools might help you understand the underlying API they are using but looks like a bit of work.

CBC claims flash is not being used, maybe html5? Some sort of app creating “intelligent” Uris…
The CBC music iOS app and airplay to mopidy is ok, but our iPad is shared and when playing the iPad will not fully sleep, the battery drains faster.
Thanks for the help!

Hmmm, so tunein would not offer Canadian geolocked because tunein is in the us?

I don’t know the reasons for it, but if I click your link above and try to play one of the options from the UK I get the following message "Please note that CBC Radio 3, CBC Music: Sonica, and Music Streams are not available outside of Canada."
I just wondered if that was the reason you couldn’t find them on Tunein.