Can't play local music files


I have just installed the Pi Music Box.

It is working and playing internet radio stations fine.

I have copied some of my music files (.WMA file format) to the memory card.

Music box sees the files and adds them to the play queue, but when you press play, it immediately goes back to stop without playing anything.


Off the top of my head, try a different format to see if GStreamer is having a problem with WMA. I may test, but that’s a bit of a PITA. I’ve got to say that when you get this whole thing working it will be worth the effort.

Testing on the “testbed server” now.


Since it would be a pain to test (I’m using Mopidy MySQL which makes navigating the underlying file structure impossible, AFAIK), a Google of “GStreamer WMA” provided not-too-encouraging results. Let’s start here:

I’m not sure what version of GStreamer PiMusicBox is using. Nick (KingOSticks) will be a be a better source of information. I’m fairly confident that your issue is that GStreamer is not decoding your WMA files, nothing MusicBox specific.