Cant play anything but local media on usb key

hello, ive spent the better half of this day trying to get this up and running in some meaningful way, but i cant for the life of me get it working, i have audio coming out as i tested it with a local usb drive with a song, but i cant get it to stream or do anything on the net for that mater. ive tried to get it to load internet radio streams to no success. please if anyone has any tips or tricks id love to hear them. so far ive tried playing audio from youtube, from internet radio sources and such.

im running the version that is downloaded today from the site so if any earlier versions work better im down to also re image my sd.

could you be more specific. what does it mean when you say “ve tried to get it to load internet radio streams”. What did you do?

Try this: paste this into the field on the “streams” page":

and press play. What happens?

i may have been tired when i wrote that. streams like this work, i may have actually figured out after posting. what im trying to get working is the tunein part. either im doing it wrong (more than likely) or i installed something wrong (also very likely). if anyone had instructions on that, be it a tutorial or whatnot, id be ever so grateful. sorry to bother

this project is going to be an internet radio for our garage as the lighting in the garage seems to kill fm radio but wifi is fine. im trying to keep the fiddly-ness of the project to a minimum as its going to be used by my father the majority of the time and he is not technologically gifted.

re imaged my sd and now everything works… im not even sure how

Perhaps you had the old version rather than the latest and greatest v0.4.0 that I released last week.