Problem with local music from usb

Hey guys,

I am a newbee and am not an native speaker, so sory for my bad englisch.

Pi Musicbox does not find any music from any USB-storag. I pluged in a USB stick bevore booting, but there is no music…Is there a specials file system to use? The stick is formated as NTFS.

thx for help

You answered it yourself almost. It only supports FAT formatted sticks. You can try to install ntfs-3g. Maybe that works?

I found another solution. I just mounted the USB device into the folder /music/USB1/ by adding an Entry to the filesystem table and run a manualy scan from mopidy (“mopidy loacal scan” I think).
And now very thing work fine. I don’t know if it would be work with the automatic scan on startup but I can’t imagine why not.

Thanks a lot