Issues with local media + USB volume (B&W zeppelin air)?

Hi all, first of all what a great project!

I’ve only started to play around this having recently found out that I can use the USB port and the rather decent DAC built into my speakers.

But after many attempts of getting the settings configured through both the ini file (eventually gave up!) and the web interface where a specific setting would cause the web-ui to stop working.

This setting turns out to be the hardware volume control. Before enabling it local media played a full volume (ouch!) and I could not control it. Although this was not the case when using AirPlay.

I’d love the help get to the bottom of this in case there are any diagnostics I can run as I find the USB / ASLA settings a little confusing for my setup.

Thanks in advance

The software volume control is for Mopidy only and you can only control it through the web/mpd interfaces. But it should be controllable. Airplay support comes from a different program and so is independent of the software volume.

Editing settings.ini is probably the best way to change things, I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of bugs in the web settings.

I’m not entirely sure what your problem is with the hardware volume. Is it just identifying the correct setting values? Could you be more specific please.