Can't mount network drive

I have installed the most recent version of Pi MusicBox which I can access it thru SSH and web. Unfortunately, I am unable to get the Windows network share mounted using settings. I can mount the drive when I SSH to the box but when I add the same line to the end of fstab file, then I lose web access to the box. SSH still works. Kinda lost here and could use some help.

The line that mounts the network share looks like that:
sudo mount -t cifs // /music/Network -o user=xxx,password=xxx

The fstab line (which doesn’t work) looks like that:
// /music/Network cifs username=xxx,password=xxx 0 0

I had a similar problem that was resolved by following this advice. Does the situation in this thread look similar to your problem?

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, that did not work. It looks like immediately after I make any change to the settings.ini or fstab file, I lose the web interface. So it may not be related to the fstab file but to making changes in general.