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Can't get WiFi to work

Hi all, I’m here with another question, thanks for your patience.

So, I was able to get my MusicBox to play using the web interface and all just fine using a hardwire cable to my router but I can’t get it to interface on WiFi. I am using a Pi 3b which I understand has onboard WiFi capability but I can’t connect to the Pi with my browser. I’m using a PC running Windows 10. I moved the Pi right next to the router so there shouldn’t be any signal problem. I put my network name and password in the setup.ini file. What am I missing here? Thanks again.

Have you entered your country code? On later Pi’s the wifi doesn’t work if you haven’t entered that.

The ip (url) will be different if using wifi to the lan cable, so you may to check you are using the correct address

Thanks for responding.

So I did not enter a country code so I did that just now but by itself it did not fix the problem. Interestingly enough when using the drop down in the interface and selecting United States it put Un in the box but the country code link indicated US so that’s what I used.

I don’t know how to determine the URL my WiFi is using.

Thanks again.

If you are connected to a monitor with the hdmi cable, when you’ve run through the boot process the ip address should come up on screen, edit should have said to try it without the lan cable otherwise you’ll end up with same address.

Oh, ok, man what a dunce, I see now that the ip address changed by one digit, I did not see that before. Thanks again Steve and thanks for your patience.

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Oh btw that worked. And apparently I need 20 characters to post.