Pi MusicBox Unable to connect to wifi, Please Help!

I am trying to use my Rasberry Pi 3 to create a SONOS styles speaker system however it always fails to connect to wifi. I have tried filling in the SSID and Password in the config/settings file with no success. Is there a way to connect to wifi through the terminal? The network I need to connect to is WPA2 secured.

Jake Morris.

Have you removed the quotation marks around the ssid and password?
Is the musicbox (as wifi) showing up on your router and/or can you connect using a cable from the pi to the router and then using musicbox.local.
Also is it possible to run hdmi from pi to screen to see booting progress.

Are you able to plug in a screen/TV and look at the error message during boot?

I don’t know if this will help, but I had a similar issue, I found that running iwlist wlan0 scan while ssh-ed into the pi showed that my network was not found. I found this info on network limitations, and checked my router settings. My router was set to allocate the channel automatically. Setting this to a channel within the 1-11 range allowed me to see the network and connect.

I think it is probably worth noting that I’m in New Zealand and haven’t set the country code. It might be worth setting your country code if you haven’t already?