Can't connect to tuneIn radio or NAS

Just set up my musicbox on a Pi. It basically works, I can connect to it from my android phone or PC. It’ll play a selection of streams but if I browse or search TuneIn I don’t get any results. I also can’t connect to the MyBook Live NAS. I suspect this a log-in/permissions thing but it might be related. I’ve tried a fresh install on a new SD card with the same result. If a paste the tunein URL into the streams box it still won’t play, but it will play on my PC or phone. I’m not a linux person so not really sure what to try.

Rebooting the router seems to fixed problem one and now I can find stations on TuneIn. Seems to play OK at the moment. Just need to connect to the NAS now…

Connecting to network shares has been covered on here a few times, have you searched for similar problems first? Without more information about your particular setup there is just no way to help.

Sorry, wasn’t yet looking for help for this one, just mentioned it as I thought it might be related to the tunein problem, which it seems it wasn’t. I’ll have a play first and come back with some more details/questions if I can’t get it.