Can't access web interface from mobile phone


I can access the web interface from a hardwired PC and also a PC with a WiFi dongle via FireFox and Chrome. By visiting: http://musicbox.local/

But if I try to access the web interface from both my Android phones via WiFi, (browsers: Chrome, FireFox, CM Browser), I cannot get it to load. I just get the error message ‘This web page is not available’.

Does anyone know why this may be not working and if so could you explain
how I can get it to work.

Thanks in advance.

I think you need to enter the actual ip address, ie mine is on your phone’s browser, there is a bit about it in setup instructions. you might need to access your router to get the actual address.

Found it on here
'Using Android, you have to point your browser to the MusicBox using the IP-address of your Pi, e.g. (fill in your own!). There is no way to change that for now, unless Android would support it, The IP-address is printed on the screen when MusicBox is started. Connect a monitor/tv to find out. Or use a network/bonjour scanning utility.

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Hi Steve,

That works a treat =) Thank you!

I think some older android phones have dns problems using the name. You can
try using the ip address.