WiFi not able to connect to an Access Point

I have a musicbox pi setup that works well wired and even wirelessly on my home wifi and on my mobile hotspot. However, I am trying to connect my musicbox to my work’s WPA2 network with working credentials and it will not connect. I am able to make a wifi network with the same SSID and password with my hotspot and the mucisbox connects up right away. I am thinking that because my work’s wifi has access points throughout the building that mt musicbox is unable to connect to the wifi.

I have double and triple checked the SSID name and password and tried setting it via the settings file and the webUI. I am able to connect to my work wifi on my laptop, phone, and other devices without any issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated

I once tested and used my PiMB successfully in an enterprise environment but I had to use a wired connection due to the confusing authentication and proxy settings on my work’s wifi.

If that is an option for you it’s worth a try.

I wish I could just plug into Ethernet, but unfortunately I cannot since I have no Ethernet runs any where near where my desired location is. I have successfully connected the musicbox to WiFi, but I just cannot get it to connect to the access point at work.

Perhaps it’s a variation of wpa2. Can you ask and find out exactly what they are using? I’d be surprised if the repeaters were an issue.

As far as I can tell, there are no strange or abnormal settings with the type of wifi or the security. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of specifics right now, but I can try to get some more info later today.

The wifi network is WPA2 with a simple SSID and password. I am able to connect to it with my laptop and phone without any issue. I can connect my pi to other wireless networks, but I cannot, for whatever reason connect the pi to the access point that my laptop and phone are connecting to. Is there any reason why Musicbox pi cannot cannot to access points or anything? Is there any settings I should look at.

*If I create a wireless WPA2 network with the same SSID and password at home, my pi connects right up.

Have you actually asked your Network Manager if you are allowed to connect a random, semi secure Raspberry Pi into the company network via wifi?
I would be very surprised if the answer is yes - I certainly would have been loathe to allow it.
You say you can’t connect to the access point you currently use, have you tried connecting to the wifi network in a different part of the building - that would determine if it’s the network or the adapter.
Have you thought about setting up your laptop as a wifi hotspot or using a couple of Powerline Adapters (if the company allow their use)