Beginners questions Tunein and best app

Hi there,

Last night i downloaded and installed succesfully Musicbox-pi on my brand new super cool Rasberry Pi+
So far wifi works fine and i even found out how to get Google Music playing. :smile:

Still i was wondering. (being not familiar with Pyton) how to get Tunein working.
Im using .51 of the Musicbox software. As i understood Tunin was pre-installed.
The settings say that Tunein is enabled.
Still i dont know how to search to radio stations. Wgen i click on “search” and i type for example trip-hop it seems the Musicbox keeps searching for ever.Without any results. I dont know if it is searching within the Musicbox server or on the internet too…
Can you please give me a hint how to search to radiostations within Tunein?

My second question is what app you would suggest to use on Android?. I would like to control also google music and Tunein within the app.

Thank you!

The search function will search all enabled backends for results, if these are internet backends (such as Spotify, Google Music, TuneIn etc) then musicbox will fetch results from the internet. TuneIn requires no configuration and is enabled by default. To ensure TuneIn is working, goto the Browse section and you should see an entry for TuneIn from which you’ll be able to find stations using the categories listed there. Searching for stations should also work fine too but the TuneIn results may be towards the bottom of the results if you also have lots of matches from other backends. If you have the very latest musicbox version you can select TuneIn from the “All services” drop down menu at the top of the search page and this will only search TuneIn.

Most of the web interfaces work well enough on mobile devices. The best native Android client in my opinion is MPDroid which is currently available in the Play Store (it’s free). You can also find a slightly dated list of clients in the Mopidy documentation.

Hi Kingosticks,

Thank you for your fast reaction.
I will check MPDroid!

Within the webinterface of Musicbox. When i use Search it seems that Music search is searching for ever. and get no results…
I’ve not used the option for single search within Tunein. I’ll check it tonight.
Is it normal that it takes so log when i do not definate a source ?

No that is not normal and I’m unsure why it’s behaving like that if the web interface is otherwise responsive. The latest version is and I think you’d want to try that before investigating further. I’m not even sure if the single search option is available in your version.