Cannot connect to some radio stations using tunein

I am using Pi Musicbox and am able to add some radio stations through tunein but others will not play. For example does not play on the Pi B+ but does on my windows computer. By using the musicbox browser it comes up with an address of tunein:station:s6400
Anyone have any ideas

Mopidy-TuneIn is a bit simple minded and uses the first URL in the list from TuneIn. Unfortunately, the particular URL it got here uses a crazy Microsoft playlist format which version 0.2 of Mopidy-TuneIn doesn’t support. It should work better in version 0.3, you can upgrade with sudo pip install --upgrade Mopidy-Tunein.

Thanks for the info I upgraded to version 0.5 but still no luck with the radio stations I would like to add. One of them is working now since the upgrade. Seems like I will have to wait for the future updates

Oops, I meant Mopidy-TuneIn v0.1.3 (and I assume you did too).

Is s6400 one of the stations still not working with v0.1.3? If so, I’ll have a closer look at it.

I am running the system as described in I am a bit new to this. The command sudo pip install --upgrade Mopidy-Tunein v0.1.3 attempts to download the fie from the website but returns an error message " Cannot find anything to download"

Any ideas

Thanks for the help

The command is ‘sudo pip install --upgrade Mopidy-Tunein’