Audio Features, suggestions

Super great project and have used it for 4 years now, and it keeps getting better !!
I wonder if these audio features have been considered yet? To me they would be very usefull.

  1. Specify a ‘fade-down’ time value, when you stop a song playing instead of the song stopping very abruptlu? E.g. 0.25sec. Can be set up in the config.
  2. A small equalizer with e.g. 3 or 5 bands. Each with variable gain (+/- 6dB) and a selectable center frequency (e.g. 100Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz etc).
  3. Automated logging of what you are playing and automated generation of one or more playlists, based on this?
  4. The volume slider is functionally and visually a bit rudimentary. Could it be made longer, bigger or maybe circular? The control range of the volume (turning down) could also be better and finer (less coarse).

Thanks all !!