What equalizer?

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I’ve searched in the forum but I don’t have found the answer :smile:
Is there an equalizer to install on pi Musicbox?

There isn’t any proper equalizer support. But you could hack your way around it with setting a custom audio output with the right GStreamer elements. Don’t have any guide or anything as I haven’t tried this myself, I just suspect it should be doable if you know enough about GStreamer setup.

I made it work with alsaequal. Change/add values in mopidy.conf to:

output = alsasink device=plug:plugequal
mixer = alsamixer

enabled = true
card = 1
control = PCM

For “card” put whatever

aplay -l

tells you is the hifiberry. Also after recent kernel update it seems

control = Digital

is required instead. Check what works for you. If you are using musicbox image PCM should do fine.

Also change /etc/asound.conf according to the instructions on http://www.thedigitalmachine.net/alsaequal.html under usage. The following line should be adapted, like before, according to aplay info. For hifiberry on card 1 put

slave.pcm “plughw:1,0”;

Make sure to delete all already existing lines in the file. Go straight on to edit setsound.sh and comment lines 14 and 200-209 as of mar 09 commit. It removes the delete at boot of asound (line 14) and the adding of standard settings appropriate for the hifiberry. So no rebooting before or you’ll have to edit asound again.

The equalizer can then be accessed with

sudo -H -u mopidy alsamixer -D equal

Hope this saves someone a little time :slight_smile:

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