Audio dropouts playing MP3 files over SMB?

I have the current version of pimusicbox installed on a PiZeroW with a USB sound card connected.

Airplay works perfectly, but when I use the MusicBox web interface to play an MP3 file from an SMB share, audio drops out every 10-15 seconds.

Is the ZeroW simply not powerful enough?

I’ve never tried that on the pizero to be honest but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t powerful enough. Could you login via ssh and run top whilst experiencing the problem and see what the cpu usage is like.

3 days ago when I left town, Top showed Mopidy using 60% cpu when playing an mp3 over smb.

I came back today and tried playing the same file, now Top only shows Mopidy using ~20% cpu.

Maybe something was indexing? Seems to work now, though.