Timeout when trying to scan FLAC files from windows network share

Hi there,

brand new MusicBox user here, and still a bit of a noob on the raspberry pi as well.

I have some rather large Music folders on my PC, I have been looking for a way to stream them down into my living room speakers. Then I did a bit of looking and found MusicBox, the plan was to setup the Pi with music box and Spotify premium then connect it to my AV amp via HDMI.#

So I have it installed, all the connections seem to be working, On boot up it starts to scan my Flac folder but I am getting timeouts for each file (I’ve upped the limit to 3000ms now and still no luck. I did try pointing it at my MP3 folder and that seemed to work fine. The folders are shared through Windows 10 and are on an external USB drive connected to my PC.

Happy to provide any logs or details, but I will need instructions as I really don’t know much about the Raspberry pi I’m afraid.

Thanks for looking

EDIT: Upped the timeout to 5000ms and it seems to be working now. The only errors I’m getting are expected (when it finds a cue file or similar) The scan is just going to take a very long time!