ALSA And the audioinjector

Hi there,

We have a question on the Audioinjector forum about making Pi MusicBox work with the Audioinjector Stereo sound card.

The audioinjector sound card shows up as a regular ALSA device. Will Pi MusicBox work with it ?

p.s. can you point to any setup info ? I.e. can it be installed from apt ?

If it has driver support in raspbian, and is configured through the device tree in config.txt like usual, then yes.

A “how to install” page with some clear steps rather than digging through a forum post would be nice. Anyway, looks like it needs ‘dtoverlay=audioinjector-wm8731-audio’ which will need a special case in the musicbox scripts. Shame they didn’t do it like everyone else does. If someone is willing to test I will update the image. Or they are welcome to submit a PR.

I would be willing to test. Is there a how to install page here ?

Can you also please tell me how everyone else does the dtoverlay thing ?



The instructions are at

It’s neat with the hifiberry, justboom and iqaudio boards how the overlay name is basically the product name, so it’s simple to know what overlay is required. But it’s of course not a big deal to map audioinjector to audioinjector-wm8731-audio and I’d forgotten there’s already some mangling going on anyway.

I really like the look of your cards, it’s great to see some innovation.

Any feedback on those tests with the audioinjector card?

Do Ineed to install the drivers of this card manualy on the musicbox?



I don’t believe I received any PR from them. I can hack something in but I would need someone to test it as I do not wish to buy the hardware myself.

Hi there,

PErhaps I can help with information ?

There are two overlays for different audioinjector cards :

The audio injector octo card :


The stereo audio injector cards :


I’ve hopefully added support for both these cards. Grab the latest version of

wget -O /opt/musicbox/

Then set one of the following in your settings.ini

  • output = audioinjector-wm8731-audio for the Stereo card
  • output = audioinjector-addons for the Octo card

And reboot.

There’s also support in the development version of websettings which you can install with:

pip install --no-deps --upgrade

And then restart Mopidy:

service mopidy restart