Microphone / Audio-In

We’re trying to setup a Pi MusicBox as a replacement for our old translator system (radio-based transmitter/receiver, tired of buying 9-volt batteries for all the individual units).

I’m not even sure if the Pi MusicBox can “stream” the local input of the AudioInjector Stereo we got, but even if it can, we’re stuck at the point of just making some audio stream out via the sound card.

Everything seems to be setup correct… rPI firmware updated, sound card properly pointed to in ./boot/config.txt (with pwm commented out), as well as MusicBox’s settings.ini pointing to the card… But I can’t hear anything when loading up the MusicBox in a browser on a computer!

We fixed our original issue: Audio-out now working. Can we somehow stream the audio-in of our AudioInjector Stereo through Pi MusicBox?