Cover art for mp3 files

in “Now Playing” or “Browse” I cannot see cover art for the mp3 files I put in /music/MusicBox although I placed a file named “AlbumArt.jpg” next to them in the same folder. I also tried with “folder.jpg”, but no luck either.
Do mp3 necessarily have to include cover art in the meta data of the mp3 files?

Pi musicbox uses for cover art. I don’t believe Mopidy has complete support for local cover art but you can see some progress on this issue at

Thank you for your reply.

Interestingly, asks for support of embedded cover art ( in ID3 tags, or meta data as I put it). For me this works perfectly well. I downloaded a song (single mp3 file, cover art in ID3) that I purchased on Google Play and stored it in /music/MusicBox.

It means some significant effort to store cover art within my mp3 files, but definitely that is something I can do.

Not showing cover art from corresponding files in the same directory seems to be an issue of the web UI only.

I installed MPDroid on my smartphone and connected it to my PI MusicBox. Songs that I play this way, are shown with the correct cover art on my smartphone display. So somehow the images must be loaded and even transferred over the network.

As stated in the bug, there is currently no code in the local file handling to get albumart to the clients. Especially over the MPD protocol. In other words MPDroid is likely being smart about things and pulling it from a source such as the API on it’s own.

MPDroid does exactly that, in fact it uses a whole load of internet cover art sources. Apologies if my reply was confusing in regards to Mopidy’s current support.

Thank you for your replies.

I can confirm that Pi MusicBox loads the album covers from While this is a great for popular songs, it probably won’t work well for unknown local artists or audiobook tracks.

On github Thomas mentioned extension “mopidy-local-sqlite”, which I sounds promising for my use-case. I’ll try to get it to work on my Pi MusicBox.