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Access Plex Media Server from a Mopidy

Is there an alternative to the not supported Mopidy-Plex extentions? I want to use files from my Plex server because I am using that one for both video and audio. In some cases I only want to use audio on a smaller display and therefore Mopidy is much better. But I want to acces the webserver through the plex service itself.

Does Plex support DLNA?

It does support it, but is it accessable from another etwork? (Sorry If I forgot to add ist)

I think you need to more specific what you want here. Especially the last requirement which I don’t understand.

Ah ok. At home I got a Plex server where I store everything and I wanted to use mopidy to access this server from another network (in that case I want to put a Raspberry into my car) and access the files from the server. I saw a mopidy-plex extension but it wasn’t updated in like five years (and it didn’t seem to work anymore). I think that extension accessed the server with the normal login from Plex (like the website).
I want to use it like that without the need of a static IP or a ddns client.

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