Mopidy use Dleyna to see Dlna Server in Iris

My first post. I have just set up Mopidy on a Raspberry Pi and added the Dleyna extension. It seems to have added the necessary bits to the Mopidy conf file.
I rebooted the PI.
When I look at the services available in Iris, Dleyna is not listed.
I have a running Dlna server on the network and it is reachable by other clients VLC etc.
How can I set up Mopidy so that I can see my Dlna server in Iris?
Is there a better way of doing it?
Sorry if this is a basic question but I have been googling for that last hour and I am obviously missing something simple?

I think Iris only supports specific backends for the Albums and Artist views. Out of the ones I use, it works for Spotify and Gmusic, but not Podcasts or DLNA.
The only place those backends show up is Browse, but it lists tracks alphabetically, which isn’t useful.

I only use Iris for Spotify, basically, and Mopidy Mobile for other backends.

That’s helpful and saves me chasing the wrong direction. I might try and mount the NAS music directories on the Modipy Pi

That worked for me. I used the following command:
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=myusername,password=mypassword // /home/pi/Music
Obviously using your correct username, password , ip address and directory for your media server.

I just need to set it up so that it mounts automatically on boot up.

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