Mopidy using remote mpd server

After trying other mpd-based solutions to listen to music files stored on a NAS, I’m trying Mopidy.
As I have “quite a few files” that takes time to browse and index, I’ve installed and configured a mpd daemon on my NAS and I would like mopidy (running on a raspberry pi) to access that mpd daemon database. If mopidy was a real mpd server, it would be possible and I would have to declare it as a proxy in the its configuration.
Does anyone know if that kind of config is possible with mopidy as it can behave like a mpd daemon ?

We don’t support that. Our support is limited to (a subset of) the MPD protocol, not the mpd daemon’s features

OK then, thanks.
Would you have some suggestions in order to optimize the access and indexation to a large collection of remote files on a local network ?

Run mopidy local scan on the remote machine to build the database and then copy it to / share it with the pi. And then share the music files with the pi also. Accessing audio files over the network shouldn’t be slow.

Or look at something like mopidy-dleyna.

I don’t “fear” the acess to a file for playing it, but I fear the scanning of a large remote collection with the low ressources raspberry pi. If the NAS was able to create/update that database and share it with mopidy that would be nice. Another reason todo that is that the NAS is powered with UPS, while the raspberry pi is just powered by a simple power supply : power failure may easily corrupt the SD card if the database is on it.

I understand, and that’s what the first part of my suggestion avoids. But you have to figure out sharing the database file(s) yourself as Mopidy doesn’t have anything to make that easier.

I’d suggest not running the root filesystem, or storing any files you care about, on the sd card.

Thanks for those suggestions. I’m gonna NFS-mount the rapsberry pi FS from the NAS and have a mopidy-NAS process share its database with the mopidy-PI. More works to do :wink: