(Solved) Plex Media Server

Hey all. I have a linux server running Plex Media Server. I use this to stream music, pictures and videos to several computers and chromecast in my house through their client software. The downside to using this for music is the need to have my TV turned on, so Musicbox is the solution. I would like to know; how do I find the DLNA share from Plex in Musicbox? I cant understand the logic, but it should be easy. Both my TV, DLNA clients on my phones and other computers find it easily - but Musicbox have no option to even add a DLNA server as source. Can someone help me?

is your raspberry pi connected using wifi or wired? There are apparently issues using wifi.

yeah, I read that somewhere. the raspberry pi is connected through wire, and so is the linux-server. do you have any idea on where in the settings I can add the DLNA server? I cant find anything appropriate, so I cant really understand how to browse the files shared by the server.

As I understand it, musicbox should appear as a renderer in your DNLA controller application, you would then select it and audio would be streamed to musicbox.

so, kind of like airplay then. its a strange way of solving this, dont you think? would be much better if the musicbox itself could see the dlna server and browse through its library - without another program on my computer/mac/phone/tablet. i use MPDroid on my phone, and it doesnt have any options to choose a dlna-renderer or browse a dlna-server.

any ideas where I can submit a feature request, and if its any use to do so?

Mopidy doesn’t support this so I don’t think it’s particularly strange for Musicbox to solve it this way, DLNA is designed to support completely separate controllers/renderers/backends to allow for maximum flexibility.

You are correct MPDroid has no support for this as it is purely an MPD client and nothing to do with DLNA. I think BubbleUPnP would allow you to control it on an Android phone.

What you are proposing is for Mopidy to have a DLNA backend. It’s been discussed before but it’s not under development as far as I know. There are some details at https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy/issues/49 or you might find djmount helpful instead.

DLNA in MusicBox is only streaming indeed. @kingosticks is completely right about the DLNA in Mopidy. You can try Skifta as a player too.

Thank you both for the info. I am not familiar with Modipy (or MusicBox) from before, and dont know the challenges. I was just a bit disappointed that I had to use smb-shares to access my music since the software itself is excellent.

I will continue to use MusicBox, as I feel it will suit my needs as soon as I figure out this DLNA stuff. What players for Android can send music from a DLNA server to MusicBox? I tried a couple, but non of them supported to choose another renderer.

skifta works for me! But I don’t use a DLNA server, only from the device itself. It could work though

It looked like a prog that could work. But they discontinued their work just a few months ago :-/

Did you try BubbleUPnP? I’m pretty sure it can do what you want.

I will have a go at it.

Been trying different solutions the past few days. Tried the squeeze solutions, but that was not what I was looking for (although I like the setup an versatility). I did not want to install yet another daemon on my linux box (LMS).

BubbleUPNP will be my next try. Is it possible to install the gmrender-ressurect alongside musicbox? If so I would have both dlna playback (with library browsing on whatever phone I use), and spotify support through the MPD - exactly what I am looking for :smile:

gmrender-ressurect is already part of musicbox. Unless I misunderstand, your above use-case should work out of the box.

Will try tonight.

Since you seem to like helping me (thank you!) I also want to ask: do you have problems with the stability of Musicbox? The web interface does not load properly anymore, and the connection with MPDroid takes forever. Any ideas to what I can do to fix this? I thought maybe to overclock the Pi, but it doesnt seem to be a cpu resource issue…

The connections can be slow with Mpdroid depending on exactly what version you’re using (hopefully their much improved beta version) and what options you’ve enabled (e.g. sorting by year slows things right down).

What’s the problem with the Web interface exactly? Stuck showing “connecting to musicbox” message?

Missing images, messed up interface, non-working buttons etc. It was working the first day, but now it doesnt. I might try to reinstall, maybe something got messed up when I pulled the plug when it wasnt responding.

The web GUI is still acting strange, on both firefox and chrome. slow, and most of the buttons dont work. strange bug - but I am not going to use the web GUI much anyways.

I tried BubbleUPNP and it worked! Straight out of the box, just plugged in the card with musicbox and found the renderer and the Plex server at once in the bubbleupnp app. Thank you so much!

I now both have the possibility to send much from the DLNA library to the musicbox - and I even have the option to use Spotify, as an app on the Plex server! Much faster than the MPD part of it too :slight_smile: