Wont load Spotify Playlists


Since last week Mopify from MusicBox will no longer load the contents of or play a Spotify Playlist

I have rebuilt the Pi and it is exactly the same

Anyone have any suggestions please?


It’s a mopidy-spotify issue: https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy-spotify/issues/182

There is an experimental fix on that link that works.


Would you know how to get that working on MusicBox for Raspberry Pi? I don’t think I have access to a CLI on this

Any and all help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


I cannot help in that department, sorry :\

I have found that you can enable SSH putting SSH_ENABLED = ‘true’ in a config file. http://docs.pimusicbox.com/en/latest/manual/

This fix will probably be in mopidy-spotify in the future, so the alternative I suppose is just to wait if you can’t access using SSH.


Unfortunately that experimental branch will not work as it is for Pi Musicbox. I am afraid you will just have to wait for the real fix.