Wont load Spotify Playlists

Since last week Mopify from MusicBox will no longer load the contents of or play a Spotify Playlist

I have rebuilt the Pi and it is exactly the same

Anyone have any suggestions please?

It’s a mopidy-spotify issue: https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy-spotify/issues/182

There is an experimental fix on that link that works.

Would you know how to get that working on MusicBox for Raspberry Pi? I don’t think I have access to a CLI on this

Any and all help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

I cannot help in that department, sorry :\

I have found that you can enable SSH putting SSH_ENABLED = ‘true’ in a config file. http://docs.pimusicbox.com/en/latest/manual/

This fix will probably be in mopidy-spotify in the future, so the alternative I suppose is just to wait if you can’t access using SSH.

Unfortunately that experimental branch will not work as it is for Pi Musicbox. I am afraid you will just have to wait for the real fix.


dont suppose there is any news on a future update to fix this issue?

I decided I wouldn’t back-port the fixes to this really old verison of the code, its just not worth the effort considering how broken various parts of musicbox 0.6 are. We are working on the important (and time critical) job of porting Mopidy to Python 3 right now. Once that is done it’s time for a big PiMuisbox refresh. I’d love to do this before the end of year, in time for all those Christmas Pis maybe.

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