Where are playlists stored?

I am wondering where are Spotify’s and Tidal playlists stored in my Raspberry. In the [playlist] config directory there are only the “Mopidy” playlists I have created, although Iris lists them all.
Is there a cache to rebuild/refresh for these playlists?

They are not stored anywhere. The data is downloaded from the service when requested, used during runtime and not saved to disk.

I’m asking this because I have set several playlists in Tidal. They are immediately showing up in Iris, but they are not listed from API method core.playlists.as_list until after a couple of hours or more…

No idea. I don’t use this. I think I saw iris added some support for Tidal, maybe they are calling the Tidal API directly rather than using Mopidy, as they do for Spotify. Perhaps because Mopidy-Tidal is missing full playlist support but I’m just guessing. Post it as on the Mopidy-Tidal bug tracker if you think it’s a bug.

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