Cant seem to load playlists from spotify

how can i play songs from my playlist?

these are my sudo service mopidy status and /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf
i followed everything in the documentation but cant work this out. help me please
PS, i am using my tv so the pic is pretty blurry

I’ve removed your second image as it contained your password.

You can print the configuration using ‘sudo mopidyctl config’. Next time just paste that.

What exactly is your problem? Your playlists will appear on your client. What client are you using?

oh yeah sorry and thank you about that. what do you mean by client? i’m fairly new to this. but i installed mpc/mpd

Mopidy is similar to mpd in that it’s a music server. Once the server is running (as yours appears to be) then you use a different client program to control it.

There are command line clients (like mpc), web browser based clients and native Gui type clients. Take your pick:

won’t it need to load the playlists on my spotify? like it will show “loaded # playlists”? and i downloaded mpc, how do i use it? i’m using raspbian jessie lite. i’m also planning to use jasper to control it’s commands(play,pause,etc.)

PS. does the songs need to be downloaded to the raspberry pi? my mpc only shows volume,repeat, etc.

Run ‘man mpc’ for usage help. I suggest you use a web client if you are new to this