Iris abandons icecast2

I have discovered that the latest version of Iris no longer supports Icecast2. It is very understandable why but disappointing for me.

Snapcast continues to be supported by iris but does not seem to offer as an alternative to icecast2 from what I can tell.
I use iris as my interface to access the my mopidy music library so I can listen to my music on a web browser at home, at work, on my mobile phone … just about anywhere where I have an internet connection. Icecast2 did the streaming.
Can anyone suggest how I can replicate this service with snapcast or offer alternative set up that will let me access and listen to the music on any device anywhere?
Many thanks

Snapcast has a number of clients which play synchronously. One of these clients is “snapweb” and it is a web client providing playback in your browser. You can use it on it’s own. It delivers the audio over a websocket so it should work anywhere you can make a HTTP connection. It does not support in-band metadata like icecast does - it’s just an audio stream - but maybe Iris’ integration helps with that (I am yet to try it).

Thank you for the info. I will try it.

Will be back to see how I get on.

Ps. It is presented as a proof of concept.

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This is what James Barnsley replied to me for “snapweb”

Iris uses exactly this HTTP streaming API to play a Snapcast stream in-browser. To enable streaming, see Settings > Services > Snapcast > Streaming enabled . This of course, relies on having Mopidy playing audio to Snapcast server (snapserver), and Iris having the correct server details for your Snapcast server.

I have found the Snapcast App quite useful for debugging and ensuring the stream is playing as expected.