Web browser on Android not connecting to to Mopidy on PI

I have 2 samsung mobile phones on different OSs and I am trying to use them to connect to mopidy on a PI. Connecting on the 6680 port on the android versions of firefox, chrome or the samsung browser using iris, moped or musicbox, the phones are not able to connect to the server. They cannot see the server.
BUT, exactly the same connection using the same browsers on an iphone or my PC works perfectly. Any idea what might be blocking the connection on the android telephones I have?
Many thanks for any thoughts.

Some time ago this used to be because Android didn’t recognise the name.local so you had to find the mopidy instance by using the ip address (192.168.0.??) followed by 6680 etc.
More and fuller explanation here
Whether this still is the case I’m not sure.

Steve is right. It’s incredible but Android STILL does not natively support mdns.

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Thank you for your reply.
I am not sure it is quite this. I am accessing the PI using a G4 connection in WAN. My address is my ISP router IP on port 6800. The router forwards to the PI. I use Icecast 2 to broadcast and Iris as the interface.
But I don’t get that far as I cannot get the web apps to connect to the server on the G4 connection, which has quite enough bandwidth. Wifi connection works and the same G4 connection on my iphone works too.

After further investigation, it seems that it is limited to certain mobile operators. Sounds very strange to why they would do this, but this is what I have been able to deduce for the moment.

Following an android OS upgrade, all now works. Go figure . Thanks