Waveshare 1.44inch LCD HAT

Last days I try to make Waveshare 1.44inch LCD HAT to work with mopidy.

Adding to mopidy.conf the following lines
enabled = true
bcm5 = prev,active_low,250
bcm6 = volume_up,active_low,250
bcm13 = play_pause,active_low,250
bcm19 = volume_down,active_low,250
bcm26 = next,active_low,250

and in \boot\config.txt

and the buttons work as I want.

I try to make the screen work trying fbtft or pidi with ST7735 driver but no good. Any suggestions?

Did you enable SPI in raspi-config? Is the mopidy user allowed to access SPI? These are random guesses, I’ve never used this.

I have enabled the SPI in raspi-config and also followed the steps described here:

until step 6, but no luck further.

I have enabled SPI in raspi-config, and also screen tested is ok with fbi (showed a pic), and fbtft (can show desktop).

I cannot make it work via Pidi or touchscreen extensions.

I think you are best off asking on the pidi extension issue tracker.