Mopidy-touchscreen with 7" Original PI display

Hi folks

I want to use my 7" PI display (the original) with mopidy and mopidy-touchscreen.
But the cursor is not where I touch it. when I touch the dispplay, the cursor starts somewhere in the middle, then i can move it around and its slighty faster than my finger. so I can use it but its very, very very unconfortable and extremely unprecise.

my config

enabled = true
screen_width = 800
screen_height = 480
resolution_factor = 8
cursor = true
fullscreen = false
cache_dir = $XDG_CACHE_DIR/mopidy/touchscreen

I tried fullscreen false, cursor false etc, no difference. I used even the resolution 320x240, but it still uses the whole display, just lower quality it seems.

has anyone an idea how to get this fixed?


I had the same issue - downgrade SDL - follow this instructions: