VTunr? for Raspberry

Hello guys,

There are serveral goor “internet stations” on my MusicbixRaspberry. Thanks on whever they did that.

On my stereo (pioneer is a internet radio and on my smart TV aswell.

I wonder would it be possible to import/add on the "browse buttom “vtuner”.

Here is the site of vtuner
And the list of stations os vtuner

If not possible, just let it know.

Ik think it should embed in a XML file, but I’m not shure.

Thanks in advance,

Ivan FLO

Every station, I assule, is written in python.
But writting in Python is for me like Chinese reading…

For what it matter, I’m a end-user. Try & ERROR. I putted ERROR in capitals, 'cause making errors .seems to me a fulltime job.

Remeber not many end-users have respect for what the writer does. I think, if you don’t have respect, don’t use it.