Using IR remote for some basic commands

First of all, very nice job on the Pi MusicBox! Installation super easy and it works

One question though, is it possible to sned some basic remote control commands to
the MusicBox? Maybe attach an IR receiver, and then somehow teach/program basic

Next track
Prev track
Turn off

Last one is most important, I’m using a harmony remote and want to shut down power when
stop listing. but I don’t think the OS is read-only, so I think it would be
best to send a ‘turn off’ command before cutting of power. (or can i make it readonly and just cut power?)

I don’t need every detail to be spilled out, just some help finding the right approach.


Have a look at you might have to search around for the config file for your Harmony remote, look on the lirc list or record your own.
If you want any more info don’t hesitate to ask.

Some time ago I had the same requirement, just with Volumio player (I didn’t know Mopidy back then).

I created a bash script using LIRC and mpc to control MPD (or Mopidy).

Here my description: