Remote control for receiver?

Running musicbox. Would like to use it to remotely control my receiver (power on/off, volume, etc.). Musicbox always on and available, but it would be awesome to turn the receiver on from same web interface as musicbox.

Has anyone done this ?
Thanks !

This is basically what Mopidy-NAD does for NAD receivers. You should have a look at how that extension works.

(Mopidy-Yamaha also exists, but isn’t currently compatible with Mopidy 3.)

Seems both of those use networked receivers. I was hoping someone has a setup that sends commands to the receiver via IR. Maybe mopidy talking to LIRC or something…

My receiver only has IR but I’ve avoided trying to do something like this since there’s no way to tell the current status, and my remote can only toggle the power / only shift the volume up and down, so I couldn’t see how I’d get it to work.

However there are lots of existing posts about trying to get lirc working with Mopidy. Are none of those any good?

I’m playing around with Bluetooth Remotes, so far a proof of concept with the mpc client is working reasonably well. It wouldn’t be inconceivable to adapt the showkey scan I have in below to then control a pin on the GPIO to correspond to a bluetooth remote key press.

There are also the RII remotes that mix Bluetooth keys and programmable IR keys into one remote.