Extend musicbox_webclient to contain/perform 'user/local' commands

Planning to shutdown my PI remotely using a ‘smart’ power switch. To turn it on one has to press the physical button. Alternatively it is also capable of shutdown the RPI.
I want to extend the webclient to include additional buttons (like Fullscreen), if they are present in the configuration (button name & linux script file), and to call scripts.
I already found alarm references in the code. Can I ‘hack’ them in and submit it to GIT, or does someone have a better idea?

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I use the Android app RasPi Check to execute commands. I have one for restarting Mopidy (which I don’t seem to need these days, thankfully) and one to shut down the Pi.

It is a possibility, however I like to have a more centered one GUI solution: trying to use my RPI as a Sonos solution.

Sounds OK but would want to avoid a new config option for each of these, something more extensible. Mopidy has a map config type but I have feeling pimusicbox doesn’t parse it properly (I don’t remember exactly the issue). Maybe a setting pointing to a directory of scripts or maybe something using python entry points? I’m not sure.

In the meantime I wrote a design for a more generic solution: see ‘Extendable GUI for plugins’