Possible to control via FLIRC?

Is it possible to control Pi MusicBox with a remote control via FLIRC? Or, more generally, can P Music box be controlled with an attached keyboard (which FLIRC would emulate)? Stop/Next/Prev/Play really all that I’d be looking for.

well yes, this can be done quite easily. While there may be other ways, my setup is as follows:

I have a cheap MCE IR remote which is connected via USB to the PI.
On the Pi I have LIRC interpreting the signals that come in via remote (1, 2, 3, Left, Right,… ) and translate them to some shell command. For some commands I call a custom shell script that does some magic with my music system and other commands go directly to MusicBox / Mopidy. So, for example, executing “mpc next” skips to the next track.

The commands available can be seen here: MPD Playback commands

Hope this helps

That’s great. Your post led me to this project, which seems like it should work here too. I’m hoping this reference will be be all I need for LIRC (I’ve edited LIRC files on XBMC before back in the day, but never set up LIRC from scratch). This linked page gives some other cool stuff, like text-to-speech, to read out track listings and such. Pretty neat.

You’ve spurred me into posting how I install and use a remote with PiMusicbox, http://stevespi.blogspot.co.uk/
I have tried it with using Google TTS for the details, it worked for a while then stopped. Now I record my own for playlists.
It’s worked fine on the Pi A+, B+ and the 0.

Cool stuff, guys!

The hard part for me was to set up LIRC to work with my USB IR receiver. That piece of software seems to come straight out of hell. The LIRC configuration is a big mess because it can do everything and nothing. For my generic off-the-shelf USB receiver I was expecting an easier way. Anyway, what helped me was reading into [inputlircd] (http://www.pro-linux.de/artikel/2/1682/3,konfiguration.html) (sorry, German link) which is interfacing with LIRC. That was a lot more understandable.

Here’s the remote that I’m using: USB IR Remote
I bought it just for the IR receiver and mapped the IR signals to my Logitech harmony.