Using Google AIY

Has anyone else been able to get the Google AIY voice hat to work with Pi MusicBox? Everything seems to work as it should except I am unable to get the audio to go to the speaker. The following URL is the info page for the Google AIY voice hat setup. I am currently using a Pi 3b+ but looking to use Zero Ws as well since each box would only cost me $10 (not counting power cables).

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So I’ve been wanting to try and add pimusic box to my aiy kit as I think they complement each other. I’ve been playing with custom voice commands as well and that mostly works. I’ll need to do some research on how you set the audio output, I’m wondering if this article gives some pointers,
They talk about how to force the output to the 3.5mm jack and also quote a few other articles that may help
This article shows how to modify the alsa config: