Use MusicBox on a ThinClient Via Eden CPU

Hey, just a simple question. Is it possible to use the Pi MusicBox on a ThinClient with a ViaEden CPU??


Pi Musicbox is a disk image that only works on Raspberry Pi and some clones. These are systems with an ARM CPU architecture. The ViaEden CPU seems to have an x86 architecture, which isn’t compatible with ARM. Thus, you cannot use the Pi Musicbox disk images on your system.

What you can do is to install Linux and the parts you’re interested in on your system yourself, like the Mopidy music server and Shairport-Sync for Airport support.

Hey jodal,
is it possible that you can make a x86 img?? I love the MusicBox, i have it from the beginning. But now, mi Pi is broken down :frowning: and i miss the MusicBox.

There’s working being done to build Pi Musicbox primarily from Debian packages. When that work is completed, converting a regular Debian/Ubuntu system to a Pi Musicbox should only require a few commands.