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UPNP client support

Do we have any plan to support UPNP client?
So that mopidy can connect to other UPNP server as backend to be controlled.

The possible roles are described at the spec section of Digital Living Network Alliance - Wikipedia

Please see which of those you mean because I don’t think what you are currently describing is possible. A DMS cannot control another DMS.

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I mean like this, not just a renderer, is that possible?

Well, I just find DS Audio app of my DLNA server, it can render to upmpdcli, that’s all what I need.

I believe you can do what you describe in that picture with Mopidy-Dleyna. Note that there would be no “UPNP Client” in such a setup as DLNA clients are not DLNA renderers.

I mean to say, you would not need any sort of UPNP client. But if you are happy with your app, use your app.

If you want to use Mopidy to play from a DLNA server, you’ll need to use Mopidy-Dleyna.

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