Undeletable (and duplicate) ncmpcpp playlists

I am using mopidy with ncmpcpp to listen to files from spotify.

I can add songs to playlist using the search engine of ncmpcpp and save them (using the dummy name test here), which creates;

playlist test
playlist test [2]

on both browser and playlist editor. test has my songs whereas test [2] is an empty playlist. trying to delete test [2] under playlist editor asks for the y/n prompt, gives the Playlist deleted message and leaves the playlist intact, trying to delete test [2] under browser asks allow_for_physical_item_deletion = yes but after the flag is set, just freezes the ncmpcpp indefinitely after the attempt to delete it

under my mopidy/m3u directory I can only see the test.m3u8

I can delete “test” under ncmpcpp playlist editor, which removes test.m3u8 under mopidy/m3u and leaves me with just “test” (without the [2]), an empty playlist on ncmpcpp.

I have ran mopidy with mopidy -v and repeated the steps using a different playlist named sabbath, here’s the log after trying to delete sabbath [2] under browser

and here’s my mopidy config output

I could gladly provide more debug output if necessary, thanks for your attention