Remove Spotify From Ncmpcpp Media Library

I’m using Mopidy with both the Spotify and Local extensions so I can have all of my media in one place, but in Ncmpcpp’s Media Library view for every artist that I actually have my own songs for it also seems to pull in their whole discography from Spotify. Is there any way to stop this from happening? It’s making sorting through and listening to my own stuff a lot more cluttered since there are now multiples of a lot of albums.

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I’m having the same issue as well! As far as I can gather, the issue seems to be ncmpcpp querying the MPD extension of mopidy, which is simultaneously interacting with the spotify and local mopidy extensions. I haven’t been able to actually fix the problem, but setting the option media_library_albums_split_by_date to “no” reduces some redundancies in regards to albums, but there’s still the redundancy seen in the song column. My best guess is to add something to the MPD blacklist option in the MPD extension of mopidy, but I have no Idea if that would work, or what specifically would be needed to put in that field.

If you increase the verbosity of Mopidy’s logging in the config you’ll be able to see what MPD command ncmpcpp is using. But if you blacklist that command it’ll also prevent your local media from being shown in that view (and potentially break other parts of ncmpcpp depending on what command it is). If there is a way to customise the command ncmpcpp is using for the view you might be able to adjust it to limit results to the local backend only.