Frustrating playback glitchy



I love Mopidy except that I keep hitting a bizarre playback issue.

I add a media (stream, mp3 etc) to an empty playlist to play it for instance, I then I add another media to play. What happens is that it restarts the previous (or the first) audio in the playlist. I have to click on the actual media that I want to play multiple times to play what I want. This even happens with other medias in the playlist, I am rarely able to play what I want as soon as I click on the media.

I know some will say it is a client thing but this behavior is consistent across clients like Moped, Mpd clients (ncmpcc, Malp etc), Mopidy mobile, Web gui etc so it is not a client thing as far as I can tell.

I use 2.1.0-2 on Debian testing, outputting to local Pulse.


That does sound bizare. Can you provide a debug log of this behaviour?