Unable to play back USB HDD files

Everything else works; Spotify, Internet Archive etc.

Checked through as many old applicable threads and couldn’t find an answer, truly not trying to waste your time…

Successfully added local files to a USB powered HDD and played them through Musicbox. I have a Hifiberry installed and it sounded great! Added more files to the HDD, rescanned. It shows almost all of them, not a problem, can work on that later, but it no longer plays any music. Click the play button, waiting circle, nothing happens.

Confirmed music is playing through other services so it isn’t a hardware issue.

Thank you for any help!

Forgot to mention, after I added more files to the USB powered HDD and reading through threads, I decided to try an external powered HDD and I’m still having the issue.


Are there any errors in the log file at /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Quite a few errors in the log file;
'WARNING Failed Local: track" - most of these are for files of a different format than I’m trying to play; not a problem for me, but maybe for the software?

That’s most of what I’m seeing. I cleaned up the HDD to only have Music and they’re all stored in /MUSIC/Artist/Album/Track usually. Most are mp3, wav, shn, flac. The majority of WARNING messages apply to file formats I’m not trying to play. The majority of the files being shown in Musicbox aren’t playable, I’ve yet to find one that works. This library is ~600GB.


Also, ERROR database or disk is full

Some of the playback errors are also referencing mp3 files that are otherwise playable on other devices.

I got it working.

I cleaned up the HDD, rescanned, went to ‘Browse’ > ‘Local media’ and nothing was working. Then I went into ‘Browse’ > ‘Files’ and there were 7 USB directories. Checked in ‘USB’, navigated to the files and pressed play. So far they’re all playing. Even some of the .zip files are able to play at least 1 file from the .zip folder. I’m assuming ‘Local media’ is only SD based files?

I’m clearly new to all this and I appreciate the quick response, which made me dig harder to figure out the problem.

Am I able to clean up the ‘Files’ menu to only include the USB directory with the music? There are 6 USB directories with nothing in them. The Musicbox and Network folders also contain nothing.

Thanks for the great software! I’m finally listening to a live music collection dating back to the 90s. I’m planning on ripping a bunch of other live recordings from bands that aren’t accessible anywhere online. Literally resurrecting thousands of hours of live music and playing them through my HifiBerry through a Pioneer amp from the 80s. Sounds so good…

If anyone wants to trade Grateful Dead or other Jambands, message me!

You should be able to get Mopidy Local working via the

media_dir = /mnt/media

/mnt/media being where my USB is mounted.

Since I’m running Mopidy as a service, this would be in /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf

Local is my preferred view in Mopidy. I have a solid (not perfect) directory structure and a lot of African compilations. I’d rather deal straight with the directory structure rather than MP3 tags. SQLlite sorts things in a way I don’t particularly like.