Tunein plugin - bitrate

I’m using the tunein plugin, which works really well.
However, I can’t find any way to choose the bitrate and codec for stations with multiple streams.
For example this channel http://tunein.com/radio/P3-980-s60010/, which has 3 AAC- and 2 MP3-streams.

Is this handled by tunein itself or in lower layers?
Is there any way to configure the preferred bitrate?

Not currently. Tunein order the streams returned in their API by
reliability and in my experience it’s generally only the top couple that
even work. Very often these ‘streams’ are actually just links to playlists
containing more playlists/streams of varying bitrates (sometimes described
but in totally random formats decided by the individual stations that are
hard to parse programmatically).

Ignoring the frustrating nested playlist problem I just described, we might
be able to at least use tunein’s nicely structured metadata to honour a
user preference. Perhaps only if the realisability is above a certain
threshold, else we just fallback to the most reliable. It’ll probably
result in slower station changes, mind.