Store TuneIn-Podcast favourites to SD

Hello everybody.
I’m a Raspberry Pi and Mopidy newbie.
Thanks to Possibility to store Dirble / Tunein radio channels on SD card I managed it to save my favourite tunein stations (Thanks guys ;)).

In my newfound zeal I also tried to add TuneIn-podcast. But I failed.
Here are my attempts:

1) trying e.g. tunein:podcast:p229824:

   #EXTINF:-1, Podcast 

This failed. I did not get any music played. MusicBox tried to reach the stream but there was no respond.

2) trying e.g. tunein:station:p229824:
Next I tried to configure the podcast stream as an radio station.

   #EXTINF:-1, Podcast 

This failed also. MusicBox was loading and playing a file, but it was a warning that this station isn’t available.

So you can see I tried to get it running but it failed in all my attempts. I would be happy about your ideas and help. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible at all?


P.S.: Oh, what i forgot to write: These files were stored in /var/lib/mopidy/playlists/Favourites.m3u so I saw them in “Playlist”.

UPDATE: They can be stored in /opt/webclient/js/streamuris.js

To be honest the podcast handling is broken. I had lots of problems when trying to test it, with many of the results being unplayable/expired and no obvious way to filter them out. Looking at the code now (after a long time!) it seems only stations are playable like this and anything else will fail silently. Obviously this is rubbish and I’ll try and improve on it.

Now, ‘stations’ are supported but if the id starts with a p that’s actually a ‘program’ in TuneIn speak; these are are weird special case which must be first browsed rather than than played directly and hence why this currently doesn’t work. This should (and will) also be improved. After all the promises, TuneIn never actually let me into their developer portal/docs so I lost interest in everything. But bug reports like this make it interesting again - thanks!

I have a pi musicbox working fine with a NAS drive but have failed to get radio stations working on tunein. I’ve created a playlist and added details to streamuris.js but to no avail. The radio station appears in the now playing box but no sound appears. Grateful for any help.

Is getting stations from tunein possible by now? Alternatively I would also get used to other radio stream services.
Where can I find the code which handles that?


I think so. You’ll find all the code at

tunein works so far. What am I missing is bookmark/favorite (using wouters webclient). As I want install mopidy (on raspbian) on more pi stations im wondering how the config/favorites are shared between multiple stations? Can someone explain? I want first start with a simple setup, several unsynced stations (without using snapcast).

In the version you’re using on pimusicbox the favourites are stored in your local browser cookies rather than on the server and are therefore not shared between all the clients.

This is improved upon in more recent versions of musicbox-webclient but that’s (still) not available for pimusicbox. You have to upgrade parts of your system to get the later versions of musicbox-webclient to work but it’s not supported and it might break. If you want to try you can find the steps on the forum here somewhere.

And if you search for ‘streamuris’ on here you’ll find a load of info about this. Another hacky way is to manually edit the streamuris.js file on the sever to contain all the favourites that you want to share between clients. Just remember that anything you add via the web browser will only be available in that particular web browser.