How to see which bitrate the input file/stream has?

i would like to see what musicbox is decoding in terms of bitrate and maybe codec.

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I believe that in the very latest version of musicbox webclient that’s shipped in rc4, the bitrate should be shown in the song’s info/details popup. You can open that popup from the song’s context menu (right-most button on each song in a tracklist). Mopidy doesn’t provide the clients with info on the codec. That would require a mopidy feature request.

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You can get it from the core.playback.get_current_tl_track JSON-RPC API as well.

curl -sd '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "method": "core.playback.get_current_tl_track"}' http://localhost:6680/mopidy/rpc

Should return something like this:

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "result": { "track": { "album": { "date": "1992", "__model__": "Album", "artists": [ { "__model__": "Artist", "name": "The Prodigy", "uri": "spotify:artist:4k1ELeJKT1ISyDv8JivPpB" } ], "name": "Experience", "uri": "spotify:album:3LYrQ4Pr2CMbQl3nWxXItR" }, "__model__": "Track", "name": "Fire (Sunrise Version)", "disc_no": 0, "uri": "spotify:track:4e081v84DUXLS7AceAD9c9", "length": 298000, "track_no": 10, "artists": [ { "__model__": "Artist", "name": "The Prodigy", "uri": "spotify:artist:4k1ELeJKT1ISyDv8JivPpB" } ], "date": "1992", "bitrate": 320 }, "__model__": "TlTrack", "tlid": 584 } }


I keep looking for a way to see the exact bitrate of the currently paying audio and cannot find anything that works. After 3 days of google-ing I hope I can find an answer here :slight_smile: The above command only shows artist info and length and stuff, but no bitrate. Also, the info panel in the web interface lacks any such info. This is true no matter what I try to play back (local files, network, radio, airplay, dlna…)

Latest version just installed…

Any info greatly appreciated,