Bitrate for local files through Icecast

So far I’m loving Mopidy for listening to my music throughout my house. Now I want to be able to listen to my music at work and set up an Icecast server on my Raspberry Pi. The only problem is that I want to lower the bitrate when streaming so I don’t use up all my bandwidth.

Is there a config setting for doing this? I searched and couldn’t find anything although. Or is this recoding on the fly impossible?

The output parameter in the [audio] section can be set to any valid gst-launch string. So something like theoraenc bitrate=256 ! oggmux ! queue ! shout2send ... should do the trick, or the equivalent for whatever you are encoding to. Check with for instance gst-inspect-0.10 theoraenc to see the available options.

Do however note the warning we have about streaming, parts of how mopidy changes tracks will likely interrupt your stream. This is being fixed, but we aren’t quite there yet.

Thanks for the information! I did see the workaround for the error where the stream stops between tracks. I’m going to follow the suggestion of adding the silent track to Icecast. Now to see if my Pi 2 can handle what I’m going to throw at it…