TTSGPIO: configuration errors - unknown config key

Hi all and thank you in advance for your help.
I’m relatively new to pi but have been making progress until I stumbled upon to this issue. Upon running mopidy, I get the following:

WARNING Found ttsgpio configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
WARNING ttsgpio/enable_stream_watchdog unknown config key.
WARNING ttsgpio/output unknown config key.
WARNING ttsgpio/downsample_usb unknown config key.
WARNING Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extensions to silence these messages.

Any advice on how to solve all these ‘unknown config key’ issues? I have seen this problem mentioned in other Mopidy discussion posts but not seen a solution yet unfortunately.

Again, extremely appreciative of your help. Looking forward to getting these buttons working to control music box!!

@9and3r Would appreciate your help if possible too!

Please note I have Changed DAEMON_USER=mopidy to DAEMON_USER=root.

You have no specified if this is PiMusicbox. Is it? It looks like you’ve messed up your config file. Mopidy has found a [ttsgpio] section but it contains settings for other sections. Sounds like you added a new [ttsgpio] section right in the middle of the [musicbox] section. Add your new section to the end of the file.

@kingosticks you’re an absolute magician and have saved my week. Thank you very much. Not only did it fix the config key issue, but now the buttons are working, albeit on slightly unexpected GPIO pins. Thank you! (I was using PiMusicBox)

For any future readers, I placed the following script right at the bottom of the settings.ini file. This bit:

debug_gpio_simulate = false # Set true to emulate GPIO buttons with on screen buttons
pin_button_main = 17
pin_button_next = 22
pin_button_previous = 23
pin_button_vol_up = 24
pin_button_vol_down = 25
pin_play_led = 27